Journal History

In recent years the IKI has focused on counseling and mental health services for students in school or educational settings. IKI wants to expand its capacity to interdisciplinary studies, by seeking to collaborating with anyone (person or institution) in actions. On the other hand, IKI also has a strong desire to become a backbone of academic and research activities related to older people and an aging population in social context.

This is important considering that Indonesia's population is actually wide and runs into a demographic bonus, where in 2020-2030 the population of productive age in Indonesia will reach 52 percent of the total population of Indonesia (Indonesian Central Statistics Agency, 2018). This is a concern for IKI in the future; because what goes on after the demographic bonus phase is complete, is the increase in the number of residents classified as elderly. For this reason, the active role of the government and the community is also needed to increase awareness and concern for the existence of the elderly to be able to contribute to the surrounding environment. Empowering the elderly as an effort to revitalize the quality of life and welfare of the community. Unfortunately, we still consider inadequate studies and research on older people and an aging population in Indonesia. We cannot imagine if information on research results related to elderly is not well strengthened.

IKI hopes that this journal can bridge the idea and knowledge of the academic community related to older people and an aging population.